• Descember

    Well, here we are. The end of the year. Well, now what?!?

    Oh, right. We start another year. Let’s number it 2022 just to keep consistent with the pattern.

    Get cozy and read with me:

    The Naked Civil Servant, Quentin Crisp

    I’ve barely moved past the somewhat pretentious introduction by the editor of the particular volume I got from the library. I have high hopes that it will be as comical as the description says it is.

    An Introduction to Data Science, Jeffrey Saltz

    Data Science seems like one of those big subjects that I could never quite pin down to one thing. Is it statistics? Machine learning? Databases? I guess I’ll find out.

    How I choose to link the books I share. A sort of linking manifesto.

    Going Out With a Bang

    I continue to be overwhelmed with screen printing projects. I’m making slow progress up T-shirt mountain and hopefully, by the holidays I’ll have summited. I think I just need a break to reorganize the shop and get re-motivated to start hustling again.

    I am still fascinated both by web development and robotics. I’m working on those things as much as I possibly can, whenever I can. One of the pitfalls of working from home is that I can get distracted by shiny objects very easily.

    Our oldest flew the coop once again. It’s good to see him in his own space once more, I think it will be really good for him to be living with his peers instead of a loud and crazy family. While we all miss him, it’s also nice for Jenni to have her office back. Let the reorganization commence!

    I continue to write things and amazingly, people even read the things. My Grammarly extension is getting a workout. And on that note…

    Quote of the Moment

    “What’s another word for Thesaurus?”

    Steven Wright

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This my Now page, based on this idea: sites with a Now page. Getting back into old school blogging again, I love the immediacy of seeing what other people are doing now, beyond what’s posted on social media.