• Septiember

    Hop on board my Reading Railroad:

    The Joy Luck Club, Amy Tan

    Mastering the Coding Mindset, Mads Brodt

    The Glass Bead Game, Herman Hesse

    The Design of Everyday Things, Donald A. Norman

    How I choose to link the books I share. A sort of linking manifesto.

    Work & Projects & Stuff

    Holy ink, Batman! After a leisurely Spring and Summer (translation: slow), the screen printing business took off like a rocket to space. We are wading through boxes of shirts here.

    I’m well into learning JavaScript. I pretty much have the fundamentals down, and once I build some projects I can officially call myself a Full Stack Web Developer. A few months ago, JS looked like total gobbletygook to me, but now I can write conditionals and functions like I’m writing this paragraph. But faster.

    September is a super special month here, because:

    • My birthday! On the 21st, I’ll be x years old. x = (5 x 12) – 10 + (3 – 2). Solve for x.
    • Our anniversary! Jenni and I will be married 29 years on the 26th.
    • Our youngest’s birthday! He’ll be 14 on the 27th.

    Oh yeah, we went to the beach a couple weeks ago. Can you tell?

    Of course, I’m still creating my paper zines and sharing them with the world. If you’d like to get it (it’s free), you can sign up on my zine page.

    Quote of the Moment

    “If one door closes and another one opens, your house is haunted and you need to RUN.”

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This my Now page, based on this idea: sites with a Now page. Getting back into old school blogging again, I love the immediacy of seeing what other people are doing now, beyond what’s posted on social media.