The Mutiny on the Bounty, Charles Nordhoff

The Vampire Armand, Anne Rice

The Drunken Botanist, Amy Stewart


Fleetwood Mac, and not just because of the skateboard guy.

Elvis Costello, When I Was Cruel


Work & Projects

Screen printing for The Gentle Pit

Creating a new website for a secret vegan project

Developing my first WordPress theme!


I’m currently doing some courses in CSS and javascript. I am so behind on my German. I’m also learning to touch type with

What’s up?

I voted! Of course I did, are you kidding? And now we all know the results.

I’m looking for more WordPress front-end dev work. If you know of any needs (remote), will you let me know?


“I haven’t found anywhere in the world where I want to be all the time. The best of my life is the moving. I look forward to going. – Sir Sean Connery


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