What we can do about the price of gas

I just bought gas for our 2013 VW Jetta. It cost about $45 USD to fill it up from half a tank. I can’t imagine what it costs to drive one of those ginormous trucks right now.

What can we do about the price of gas right now?

Frankly, nothing. We have no control over the actual price of the gas we buy. We essentially have only two choices: buy it or don’t buy it.

There are so many things we have no control over right now, and that can feel very scary.

We can’t control the decisions of the governors of Texas, Florida, and Idaho. We have no control over whatever Putin does in Ukraine. We can’t stop J.K. Rowling from being, well, herself.

Admitting to yourself that you can’t do anything about something is not defeatist. It’s actually very freeing.

Admitting frees us up to focus on the things that we can control, the things immediately in front of us – unless, of course, it’s a cat. Then forget it.

The media tries really hard to make us feel that we’re always in a state of chaos, with absolutely no control over our lives. That’s partially true. We don’t have control over world events or other people.

In reality, we can only control ourselves.

We can control how we treat other humans. We have complete control over whether or not we mask up in public spaces. We’re the ones holding the credit card, staring at those shiny new Apple devices. We can control our responses on Twitter or Facebook. We can choose to champion diversity, inclusion, and human rights in our spaces.

There’s so much we’re in control of, every day.

Then again, getting out of control sometimes might also be fun.



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