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  • It’s Just a Swimsuit

    It’s Just a Swimsuit

    Straight from the They Are Grooming Our Children news desk, I bring to you the latest thing that has conservatives shaking their collective fist at the sky: tuck-friendly bathing suits at Target. When I did a quick search on this, I was gifted with a page full of Twitter posts and conservative media-based articles railing […]

  • This To-Do List Will Not Kill Me

    This To-Do List Will Not Kill Me

    A while back I wrote about using a bullet journal to save my brain. An ambitious title and idea, for sure. I wouldn’t necessarily say my brain has been saved. Marginally boosted? Whatever. I still love my bullet journal and I use it every day. But the main concept behind my daily use is something […]

  • I have no idea what the hell I’m doing, either

    I have no idea what the hell I’m doing, either

    It’s true. Sometimes I have no idea what the hell I’m doing. Do you know? All the time? Or are you like me, where sometimes you figure out one part but in another area you’re completely lost? I don’t have everything all planned out with a clear agenda, all the time. I’m constantly evaluating where […]

  • Another Desk Rescue? Yes.

    Another Desk Rescue? Yes.

    I know, I just posted last time about refurbishing a desk. In case you’re either growing concerned that I’m obsessed, or you’re thinking that I’m only going to write about desks for the rest of forever, you can relax. I’ll move on to other topics soon enough. The last desk was a super cheap Craigslist […]

  • A Piece of Buried Treasure

    A Piece of Buried Treasure

    Have you ever imagined stumbling across buried treasure? I’m guessing a lot of us have. And maybe for a lot of us, the image of a chest full of gold doubloons being held onto by a pirate skeleton leaps to mind. Or maybe it’s Amelia Earhart’s plane. For some of us, stumbling on treasure might […]

  • Never Take Broken for an Answer

    Never Take Broken for an Answer

    We don’t get rid of tech easily in this house. The last time I upgraded my iPhone was 2020. I used to be right on top of the latest model, but I’ve moved away from that life. These days I’m into keeping tech running and useful for as long as possible. Three years isn’t really […]

  • New Year: What’s the Big Whoop?

    New Year: What’s the Big Whoop?

    Last day of the year. Duh. Why do we make this so significant in our lives? In a practical sense, nothing really changes from the 31st to the 1st. It’s all in our heads, we make it up. Another Saturday to Sunday. Big whoop, right? But it is significant. Moving from one year into the […]

  • It’s Okay to Hate Mastodon

    It’s Okay to Hate Mastodon

    “I don’t get Mastodon.” “It’s just another version of twitter, but run by leftists.” “I don’t want to have to learn how to build a server just to talk to my friends.” “The main drawback is that it’s boring! Otherwise it’s a functional twitter clone.” These are some of the comments I’ve been seeing on […]

  • Surveiled


    I took my regular walk in my neighborhood this morning. It was Sunday, already hot at 10:00 am, and super quiet. No one was around except for the odd car driving by. Suddenly, I heard a cheery, female voice. “Hi!” it said. I looked around, but didn’t see anyone. “You are being recorded,” said the […]

  • Charge!


    I was just thinking about all the things I charge around my house: These things use very little electricity to stay charged. Living in Southern California, it seems crazy that we don’t have solar panels on our roof. Since we don’t own the house, it doesn’t make sense to pay for them. When we do […]