Writing for Freelancers is hard…

…unless you are one.

I still remember my first professionally published piece. It was an article on time management for the S.C. Johnson employee newsletter. Not exactly hard-hitting journalism, but I proudly hung it on my fridge for a good two, three months. I mean, kudos to me but it was covering up the grocery list.

Besides, hard-hitting journalism and floor wax aren’t really my thing. I’d rather write about freelancing and side gigs. I’ve been freelancing for over 20 years and I always have a few things to say.

I live the freelancing life every day (my side gigs have side gigs). The ups and downs, the hustling, those awkward networking meetings with terrible coffee, it’s all in my wheelhouse.

Curl up with your iPad and take a read of my work:

Little Side Gig

Thrilling Your Customers

Help for Apparel Brands

My LinkedIn profile is my resume.

I’m available for hire on a contract basis.* My current rate is .15 per word, $35/hour (negotiable for longer contracts).

I can help you with:

  • Marketing copy
  • Emails (fluent in Mailchimp & AWeber)
  • Blogging/Content
  • Punching up a bland piece

Get in touch and let’s do your thing! Contact me

*If you need to make it a W-2 because of California laws, that’s fine.