about D.J.

Hi, it’s just DJ.

I live in Los Angeles, California. I write, make art, and I’ve been a self-employed entrepreneur for over 10 years.

You can see some of my art here: http://graphicsbydj.com

I also own a custom screen printing business: http://sparkyfirepants.com

And… I have a little community resource for Work-at-Home Geeks like me.

I have lived all over the United States and Europe and have decided that the best place to see the Eiffel Tower is in Paris, France.

I do a lot of stuff to make a living and all of it is legal. I’m pretty sure. I’ll check again, but like I said, pretty sure.

I have multiple businesses, some that I have to work at every day and some that create more passive income for me. I still have to work at those, but it’s a lot less.

Like I said, my wife and I have a custom screen print studio. We print apparel for brands, crews, events, and just regular ol’ people who spill coffee on themselves in traffic. Yes, we do hats. Yes, we do bags. Okay, just assume we print whatever it is you were going to ask about. Except mugs. And stress balls. And… well, maybe you should ask.

I’m also an author. As in books, not this bio. That would be cheating. I mostly like to write about ways to do things that are way better than you’re doing them now, which is kind of like the kid in that movie White Water Summer that you probably never saw, but what the hell, you’re paying for Netflix anyway. Check it out. Sean Astin and Kevin Bacon go head-to-head in a suspenseful tale of – oh, jeez, just go watch it.

When you’re done ignoring that suggestion, go check out my books here.

In addition to writing, I’ve been a professional illustrator and animator for over twenty years. My clients have included MTV Networks, Highlights Magazine, Sesame Workshop, and Nickelodeon. If that makes you jealous, well… that’s an okay feeling to have. That’s why God made alcohol and therapists.

Oh, right, I almost forgot – I also invented, designed and published a super cool card game called Pants! If you haven’t played it before, there’s still a little time before you die. Pants!

Okay, so God didn’t actually make alcohol and therapists. Humans did. I was just being funny.

I live in the most overinflated and self-important real estate market in the world, but we have a Starbucks, so nyah nyah. I live with my wife, Jenni, and our three children. One of whom doesn’t actually live with us because he is adulting now, but it was a lot shorter to say the first thing. Until that second thing. Now it’s much longer than it needed have been.

My wife and I both became vegetarian in 1993 and our whole family has been vegan since 2001. I’m a USAF veteran. Those two things are not related. Neither is this: I can solve the Rubik’s Cube in under four minutes.

I often wonder if I smell like outside. I don’t like to smell like outside, unless it’s the beach or the mountains. So if I ask, I’m more concerned that I smell like freeway outside.

If you feel like you know enough about me, you can stop reading now. I mean, this is the end anyway.

Say hi: dj@itsjustdj.com